Bolzano May 29.-31. 2015
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South Tyrolean Speck – subtly spicy and mild at the same time.

In the north, smoking makes the ham non-perishable; in the south it is air-dried. South Tyrolean Speck combines both. Traditionally, it is smoked only a little and then matured in the fresh air of mountain valleys into a speciality. This is what makes its taste so unusual and its appearance so distinctive.

What characterises South Tyrolean Speck?

It is South Tyrol’s special location with its combination of northern and Mediterranean cultivation. The special climate of the south side of the Alps with a lot of sun and clear air characterises the typical South Tyrolean Speck.

For centuries, South Tyrol has mastered the art of producing Speck and it is passed on from generation to generation. Recognise and enjoy the difference!