The Gourmet Festival Alto Adige 2015 also celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Alto Adige quality trademark. The quality trademark has existed since 2005, together with the Alto Adige umbrella brand ‘South Tyrol’. Since then, twelve products have been awarded the mark in light of complying with high-quality standards throughout their production phase.

As the Gourmet Festival Alto Adige has dedicated itself to South Tyrolean quality, the Alto Adige quality trademark will be given its rightful place of honour during the three days of the Festival. The Piazza Walther will become the ‚catwalk of the South Tyrol products‘, which include vegetables, berries, herbs, grappa, meat and beer. Visitors will learn a lot on the quality trademark, as well as on the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) designations.