Producing Alto Adige Quality Food Products goes hand in hand with green policies and activities, and climate change issues. The same applies to the Gourmet Festival Alto Adige, where planning, organising and implementing ideas are all about sustainability. In fact, this year the Festival is proud to be classed as a ‘going GreenEvent’ for the very first time.

A key aspect of the event is its use of green products and an ingenious waste disposal management concept. Waste is to be avoided at all costs. If that’s not possible, then it should be placed in appropriate recycling bins. Beverages are sold in recyclable glass or using a deposit system, whereby you pay a small sum which is returned upon taking the glass or bottle back to the stall.

The Gourmet Festival Alto Adige also encourages menus which include traditional dishes and beverages made with local products. We ask visitors to use public transport as much as possible, leaving their own vehicles at home.